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/AGUDA/ means sharp. Aguda’s teaching methods have been carefully crafted to teach tennis in the best, most efficient way possible to create sharp, focused tennis players in Singapore. Our vision is to produce players who don’t just play tennis physically, but with intelligence and emotional resilience alongside technique. Aguda’s main focus is to maintain the balance in training by providing the right amount of technique, fitness, and mental skills in each student’s learning curve.

Aguda tennis offers private tennis lessons & group tennis lessons across Singapore. Our tennis classes focus on developing the right mental focus and technical skills from the start. We believe that developing proper mental focus alongside perfecting technical skills increases players’ self-confidence in the game and leads to higher domination on the court. Our teaching methodology is to provide the best training that will quick start playing tennis, instill the love for tennis in students through proper communication, and create healthy competitiveness in students by providing balance points-based drills and exposure. 


The Aguda Advanced Junior Tennis Program is conducted at the Our Tampines Hub indoor tennis court. The junior class caters to kids who have already begun participating in tournaments, have developed basic strokes and techniques, and want to develop advanced tennis skills and mental focus. The class environment will be highly competitive and is suitable for kids who have already developed some positive interest in tennis. 


Aguda Tennis is a tennis coaching academy in Singapore. Our coaches work as a team to provide the best tennis learning platform in Singapore, Aguda’s team has been trained to adapt to different students and cater to their individual strengths and weaknesses. Coach Yang Sian is one of the top local tennis coaches in Singapore, and has produced an impressive record of outstanding tennis players including a Singapore Davis cup player. Coach Mogun was similarly trained by him and is an excellent tennis player who follows the same coaching standard.


Certified instructor, registered under Professional Tennis Registry (US). Level 1 NCAP (National Coaching Accreditation Programme). Represented Singapore to compete in SEA GAMES and DAVIS CUP, Former ATP ranked player in singles and doubles. Coached schools (Victoria JC-Boys division A, Victoria school – B&C divisions, National JC, clubs, and competitive players. Resident coach in Keppel club, British club, Singapore Island Country Club. The current coach of Republic Polytechnic since 2010. RP boys and girls tennis teams have been winning numerous medals under his guidance. 


Certified coach attained level 1 & 2 professional coaching certificate from Australasian Academy of Tennis Coaches (AATC). Certified Kids Multi-Sports Coach from Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Represented Republic Poly tennis team from 2011 – 2013 and won a medal in POLITE. Represented SIM tennis team from 2017 – 2018. Over 5 years of experience in tennis coaching.


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