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Aguda Tennis organizes an advanced training program for competitive junior players in Singapore. This program is targeted at kids who love to compete in tournaments and have the interest to bring their game to the next level. Lessons will focus on developing several important aspects such as:

  1. Solid directional control on groundstrokes, volley, and serve

  2. Mastering approach shots

  3. How to last longer rallies

  4. Learning the art of defensive shots

  5. Injection of pace in groundstrokes using correct biomechanics

  6. Effective footwork on the court

  7. Physical strengthening and mental toughness.

Students who join this program will given a free skills assessment during the free trial session.


Location: Tbc

Age group level: 8-16 years old

Free trial provided

Term: 3 Months

Fees: $720

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