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Suitable for players with a similar level to get the most out of the class. Classes can be conducted in any part of Singapore. It can be at the student’s place (condominium or private tennis facility) or at the nearest available tennis facility (public tennis court, Safra, or Clubs). We provide private tennis lessons for kids and adults at any level.


Adults group tennis class, couples or friends

In beginner adult classes, lessons will focus on developing a quick ‘start to play’ rally. The coach will guide students to reach the maximum potential in their play by teaching the biomechanics of strokes. Students will be engaged through fun tennis activities which will cover essential learning factors.


Kids tennis class, siblings or friends

Kids’ lessons will focus on developing their skill foundations and hand-eye coordination. Students will learn how to rally while improving technical aspects of the swing and their interest in the game will be cultivated in an enjoyable tennis environment.


High performance

The high-performance group class will help players develop an all-round tennis game with their partners. The lesson will be intensive and effective for players who are working to bring up their tennis game to the next level. Having experience in producing top tennis players in Singapore, Aguda Tennis can provide the best training for such players.


We also host classes for bigger groups such as corporate tennis classes and tennis team events while providing necessary equipment.

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