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One to one tennis lessons are suitable for players to learn and develop tennis at a quicker pace. The main benefit of a private tennis class is that it is highly customizable for each individual. Aguda Tennis provides the best and most effective training to meet each individual’s tennis goals. Classes can be conducted in any part of Singapore. It can be at the student’s place (condominium or private tennis facility) or at the nearest available tennis facility (public tennis court, Safra, or Clubs). We provide private tennis lessons for kids and adults at any level.


Beginner lessons adopt a quick ‘start to play’ method. The coach will guide the student to start rallying in a few sessions. Once the student catches on to rallying, the coach will then focus on refining the students’ technique. This approach helps to develop a solid technical foundation on groundstrokes, volleys, and service.

Training is focused on strong rally skills.


Advanced player training will provide development in biomechanics on every shot, as well as tactical and mental development on-court play. There is also skill training on developing a solid service game, grinding through points in tough situations, and approaching when the opportunity arises. Students will learn sharp play by developing quick decision-making skills like when to defend, rally, and attack.

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